12 February 2014

First Kiss Nails

Growing up, I was always part of a team; a team that doesn't allow us to wear nail polish.  So I guess you can say that I missed out on the fun other girls had experimenting with the different colours that would match their skin tone.  But once in a while, I do find the chance and time to get pampered, and have my nails done.
Since Valentine's day is quickly approaching I thought I would share one of my all time favourite nail polish colour for you all to try. 
I am absolutely a fan of Sally Hansens' First Kiss nail polish colour.  The colour itself with a hint of pastel coral! It is a great combination of having a pink that is neither too dark or too light for my skin tone. And I'm brown, so I know what is like to have colours that will never match your skin. Although I did hear how others didn't like the colour so much for their skin tone, so I think you're opinions may vary with that. 
What I love most about this bottle is that is dries fairly quickly without taking in the toxic smells.  All you literally need to to is add on two coats, and you're done! It is that simple. And did I mention the colour? Perfection.

Another plus about this polish is the brush.  The brush is definitely wider, so it can can pretty much cover the enter nail. (So make sure you're careful with how much polish is on the brush before applying

Not only is this a perfect shade to wear with your outfit on Valentine's day, but it is a perfect shade for the upcoming spring weather!
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