15 February 2014

Fifteen: A Big Dream

 Blog Everyday in FebruaryIt's Saturday, and I am pretty much spent my morning browsing through other blogs. It's always fun to see what others blog about, and just finding other blogs that really interest me.  
Anyways, so I somehow came across Bailey from Anchored in Love.  As I was going through some of her posts, I realized that she was hosting a Blog Everyday in February Challenge!  Although I missed the first half of the prompts, I'm always up for blogging challenges whenever I come across one!
So here I am, linking up for the first time with Bailey! Today's prompt:
"A Big Dream"

I personally tend to dream big about anything and everything.  Whenever I have an aspiration, I make a big deal out of it, and tend to have my imagination run wild with just one thought! But today's prompt, I wanted to think and blog something realistically. 
So whats a big dream of mine? 
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One day, I would absolutely love it, if I got married at my church. I call it my church because I literally grew up in this community, received blessing here from my first baptism to my confirmation.  

So it would be amazing to just get married in my church. My community will be apart of it, and better yet, my alter server friends can alter serve in the ceremony, and our long time friend, Manny, can play the piano as I walk down the aisle. 

It's a big dream, but I am most certain that Jay will agree to anything I want for our wedding day, when he soon decides to propose.... But one thing at a time! 

Whats your big dream? Leave a comment below, or join in on the blogging challenge and leave your post link below as well! 
Happy Saturday!

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