17 January 2014

What Inspires Me

Today is day 12 of the Inspire Me blog challenge hosted by both Showered With Design and Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination! Today's blog topic is: 
Friday, January 17: What Inspires your blog posts? 
Get a little deep and pick a past post that is meaningful to you.

Showered With Design
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My answer to this question is very simple, whenever I experience something meaningful enough to share with others, I pretty much blog about it. Other days, ideas just come into my head and I can sit down just writing 2-3 blog posts that I will use later on during the week.  I mean there are some other days where I have no idea what to write about, so I sit there hard. 

But in all honestly, its the interaction with my friends and family that inspires me to blog.  It's the experiences that are worth noting to share.  Since this blog isn't really specific to make-up, or outfits, of course I'm going to write things about my life for others to learn from. 

Now for the second part of today's blog prompt, there's one post that means a lot to me.  
Thankful for You. I wrote that post inspired by the events that occurred that day, and what I've learnt about myself and about my feelings based on that day. 

What inspires you to blog? I'm curious to know if there are others out there who don't need inspiration and just write brilliant things!

Keep warm for the weekend!

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