30 January 2014

Then and Now

Today I am linking up for the first time with Hayley and Lauren for their weekly Getting to know The Girl Between the Lines blogging link-up. 
This week's topic is: 
"How did you picture this stage of your life when you were younger. How is it the same/different?"
My life is nothing like how I imagined it would be.

When I was younger, I was so excited about growing up.  Just the idea of being on my own, and not having to follow my parents rules while doing my own thing, was so appealing to me.  I seriously thought I would have my whole life together and planned out properly by the time I got into university.  Similarly, picturing myself at the 20 years old was seriously hard for me to imagine.

The plan was always, "Get into and study at University of Toronto, and become a doctor." 
Then reality hit. 

I ultimately did end up at the #1 university in Canada, and top 20 university in the world - University of Toronto.  So kudos to me for making it to this university that I've always imagined of attending since elementary school.  But I am currently 19 years old and I am again rethinking my career path.  Becoming a doctor was clearly not in my future as I am definitely no good with maths or chemistry... 

So, here I am now, studying to get my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Anthropology, thinking I want to become a speech therapist.  But, again, I'm thinking about reapplying for the nursing program.  See it is very difficult trying to figure out a life of your own... It's all dependent on me and what I am capable and willing to do to get to where I want to be. 

One thing for sure I for sure didn't imagine when I was younger was that I would still be living with my parents.... hmm maybe this was more of a desire growing up.  But nevertheless, I'm a 19 year old jobless full time student... even if I did ended up moving out like I thought I would by now, I would have no way to support myself without my parent's full help.  

I definitely didn't imagine meeting anyone as special as Jay.  Wow was that a HUGE changing moment of my life.  Growing up, I didn't plan about having a boyfriend until after I finish university and have a steady job that will allow me to take care of myself.  Then one day, at a party, everything changed.  Now he's been apart of my life for 3 years.  No way did I even ever see myself so committed to someone else, other than myself.  It was so weird and so life changing that I am actually grateful that I am able to tell others that I have experienced being in love.  

What I've learnt from this blog topic is that I just have to trust myself with the skills I have to become who I want to be.  Yes planning and having aspirations are great and motivational factor, but nothing ever goes exactly as planned.  We just have to prepare for reality, whether it is good or bad, and we have to learn how to recover and move on with it.
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