30 January 2014

Teasing the Mister

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Todays topic:
Thursday, January 30: Tell us something you always remind you husband/fiancé/boyfriend about. For example, "Happy wife happy life." Let's face it, it's fun to tease them!

I find this topic quite humorous actually. I used to always tell Jay, "Happy wife = happy life" and he would laugh every time and respond, "Car part = happy husband".  Yes... he's one of those kind of guys who just love working on car, especially his own, and just building it and building it while buying all these different car parts and tools.
That's why when it comes to his paydays, I always (jokingly) play with him by reminding him that I like jewellery or that I need a new pair of heels.  It's quite funny actually, because on the Friday mornings he gets paid, he wakes up earlier than usual to check his bank account just to make sure he got paid.  And when he's all excited to buy a car part later that night, I usually just mention, "don't forget I like jewelry to!".  And he would just laugh and say "Sure sweetheart". 
And this teasing I do with him pretty much last all day long! When he would get home from work and he's on his laptop just looking for part on ebay or other sites, I would ask him, "so did you find anything nice for me?" and he would joke around saying "yeah of course; car parts would look nice for my car for you to sit and look gorgeous in". 
Yeah I forgot to mention that he likes to tease me back :)
Haha, what about you guys? Tease your man a lot... let me know! I'm actually curious to see what things you all do to your men.
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