23 January 2014

Tangible Object, Intangible Value

When it comes to gifts, I think it's safe to say that jewelry speaks closely to not only a woman's heart, but to her emotional and mental well-being as well. There are many meanings and emotions that we associate with that piece of jewelry... it really can make any girl smile just by looking at it. 
I mean, that's how I feel... Everytime I wear the rings, necklaces or earrings Jay bought for me. I know cheesy, but  I always get this mini slideshow of the happiest and best moments I've shared with him. And, this happens with all the thoughtful gifts he has spoiled me with. 
My something tangible with an intangible value is the ring he gave me three years ago. 

This was a surprise to all his friends as it was to me.  He was the type of guy who was never comfortable with showing his emotional and vulnerable side in front of others. Like him, I was also scared of the idea opening up because I was was afraid of getting hurt.
This gift means the world to me.  Not only is this ring the first ring he gave to me, but his intentions behind this gift is worth so much more to me. He wanted to show me that he was ready to just let the past stay in the past as we move forward in our lives together.

This ring also symbolizes the commitment we will have for each other, especially through the ups and downs of our relationship. So, by him giving me this ring, shows me his willingness to show his vulnerable side by trusting. And, by me wearing this ring everyday is reminding him that not only I am going to stay committed and loyal with him throughout our journey together, but I too am trusting him to not hurt me.
Like I said, I wear this ring everyday.  It is a way of expressing the love and joy that I share with my best friend.  This is the intangible value no one fully realizes when they just see this tangible object on my finger.  The value lies within not only my heart, but his as well. My ring that he gave to me three years ago, is the symbol of us not giving up on each other. 

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