20 January 2014

Struggling in First Year

Happy Monday everyone! 
Welcome back to day 13 of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge, hosted by Lisa and Kristen! Todays topic:
Monday, January 20: Write about a struggle you overcame in 2013 
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Struggle.. struggle.. struggle.  Hmm today's topic seems to be hard, not because I didn't struggle with anything throughout the entire, but because I have to choose ONE. But there are a few instances that I can easily remember as those situations stick out rather quite well.

Last year, I was struggling with confidence.  Being in first year of university, I wanted to make friends so that I would feel comfortable, but I didn't have the courage to put myself out there.  Basically, I kept sticking with the 2 friends that I knew going into the same university as me.

Then I thought about it... I can't be hiding behind these same friends for the next four years.  I need to learn how to branch out on my own, make my own set of friends and become better with opening up.

I think it is safe to say that I was the first from my small group of friends branching out. Little did I know, by doing so, I was able to make different friends from my different classes.  I, of course, introduced these few new friends, to my other friends, and then voila, a new group of us.

Of course, by the time second year started (in September), I had classes with some of these friends, and made new ones along the way. This is all because I went out of my comfort zone and made the effort to make the friends I have today.

Is there a struggle you over came in 2013? Let me know! Or Click HERE to link up!

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