22 January 2014

Some Personal Goals

Hello fellow bloggers.  It's day 14 of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge, hosted by Lisa and Kristen
Todays topic:
Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you'd like to work on this year?
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I think this is a great blog topic as it has already been 22 days since 2014, and I'm pretty most of you out there have either forgotten your New Years resolutions, or like me... just got lazy a little to early.  So I'm going to take this post as seriously as possible as I mention someone of my more personal goals for this year.
Personal Goals:  
  • Continue to keep up/ stay ahead of the readings for all my classes - this has actually made learning and listening in class so much easier for me this semester.  Just got to continue and keep this up, and my GPA will continue to increase as I reach my goal!
  • Workout, workout, workout.  This is something I say all the time, and I think to make myself push myself more, I'm going to have to blog about my fitness progress as a motivator.  Summer is quickly approaching, and I want to strut my stuff at the beach with all the confidence in the world. 
  • Writing more.  This one is a little different... As our technology continues to grow, I find myself always typing everything. All of elementary school and high school, everyone always complimented on how beautiful my handwriting is.  I don't want to lose that skill. So I will practice writing some more, and maybe start writing poetry again.
  • Read more. I love to read, I really do. I am so in love with the idea of just escaping from reality and reading about the life of another person. So, that means I have to balance out textbook readings for my classes and leisure reading.
  • Live everyday on the positive side. I need to live my life the best I can everyday and with everyone. I want to live a life without any regrets. 
So these are just some of the few personal goals I have from the top of my head. I'm sure when I'm not even thinking about this topic, I'll have a whole new set of list with lots of goals. What are some of your personal goals?  Don't forget to link up!

If you're interested in joining in tomorrow's topic, here's the prompt:
Thursday, January 23: many new babies have been introduced into the blogging world in the last year. Tell us about one of the funniest moments you've had with them.

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