15 January 2014

So What Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with Shannon for the first time for So What Wednesday! I've been wanting to join in for a while, so today I decided that today is the day!

This week I'm saying so what if: 
    Life After I Dew
  • I am already 2 chapters behind my Child Psychology class.
  • I just want to stay home tomorrow night and not go out with the girl.
  • I'm in a sad mood this entire week.  If I want to cry, just let me. and just leave me alone.  
  • I have yet started going to the gym regularly like I said I would as my New Years resolution. 
  • I slept in for 30 minutes every single morning this week... I'm really exhausted.
  • I came/come home late... it's not even that late, my parents really shouldn't be tripping.
  • Being terrified at every single bad idea that came into my head this week. 
  • I wanted to be on my phone during class. I literally cannot sit there for 3 hours straight listening to them teach, I need a break. 
  • I've already started planning my anniversary gift for Jay (which is in December btw...)
That felt good to let out! 

What are some of your So What's for this week! Click HERE to link up and share your SO WHATS!

P.S so what if I made a new signature... it's time for a change!

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