08 January 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Wow! Another it's another cold day here in Toronto.  I'm pretty there's other places in the country and even America who are also experiencing the extremely cold weather! I'm just getting excited for the weekend, it's suppose to be MUCH  more warmer than it is now!

Anyways, today is day 5 of the Inspire Me blogging challenge hosted by both Showered With Design and Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination!

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Today's Topic:

Wednesday, January 8: It's not secret we all "Paid it Forward" in 2013, what are some Random Acts of Kindness you'd like to accomplish this year? Heck! Make it into another challenge for yourself.

This is something I definitely need to work on more for 2014! I've always heard about other people paying for the person behind them's coffee or entire meal... heck I someone has done that for me once! It was an amazing feeling knowing there are still kind hearted people out here in our crazy world.

Since I am the type of person who does tend to put my loved one's need before myself, this year I'm going to try to do the same, but with random people, at anytime and anywhere! 

This year I am definitely going to try to pay for someone's coffee at least once a month whenever I am at Tim Hortons, Starbucks or Second Cup. (Yes, I tend to buy my coffee anywhere close to whatever I am doing that day.)

Because I drive everywhere I go, I do see a lot of people asking for change places here and there.  This year I am going to make it a mission to give EVERY person I see asking for money all the spare change I have.  Of course, if I am in an area that tends to have more than 1 person around, I will definitely split my change fairly.

Also, since Jay and I tend to do dinner dates a lot, I will try to pay for someone's tab.

Do you have some random acts of kindness you'd want to accomplish for the 2014 year? Why not just let me know in the comment box and challenge me to do them :)

Have a great Wednesday!
For those who want to join in tomorrow, here's tomorrow's topic:

Thursday, January 9: A list of top 5-10 things that make you happy.  Be creative! Serious, funny, embarrassing. Spill some beans :)

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