01 January 2014

New Years: Recap

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's New Years was great and drank lots and lots of champaign (for those of you who are legal!) 

Coming into 2014, one of my New Years resolutions was to blog more. I did a fairly great job in November and December when it came to blogging, so I wanted to continue and start off the new year with posts readily available for you guys! So I decided to partake in the Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge hosted by Showered with Design and Happiness is a Mood, Not a Destination

If you're interested in participating, click HERE to see this month's post topics!

Today's topic: 
Thursday, January 2: Lets make the first day easy! What did you do for New Years?

So if you saw my blog post yesterday, you would have noticed that I just simply posted a picture of a typography design I made. There's actually a reason behind the simple post. 

Since New Years Eve, my uncle has been emitted to the hospital, and has been placed in ICU. So as you could imagine, my family and my other cousins spent New Years Eve together in the waiting room just really trying to be there for our family members during this really hard time. 

Because my cousin is my girl I made the decision to keep her company and stay at the hospital to help keep her and her mother strong. So al of New Years, I've been here at the hospital helping them out. I even spent the night here. We watched Princess Diaries, and after waking up this morning, we decide to watch Princess Diaries 2 later! 

She's family, and I said it from the beginning and I will say it again... I will always put my family first - above all (except when it comes to God...) but still, I didn't mind missing out any of the parties my friends were throwing... My cousin needed me, and so I was here 

Fulfilling one of my other New Years resolutions - be kinder with my words, thought and actions towards other people; no more being completely selfish. 

What did you guys do for New Years? 

For those that want to join in tomorrow, here's tomorrow's topic:

Friday, January 3: We’ve seen everyone do it this week on Instagram and their blog…recap your favorite moments from 2013. Or post one random picture from each month of the year. 

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