27 January 2014

My Pet Peeve

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Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe how deligent I was to actually keep up with this challenge? It is day 18 of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge, hosted by Lisa and Kristen

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Todays topic:
Monday, January 27: The littlest thing can set us off. Right about a pet peeve and try to get creative!
When someone says to me, 
just really takes the cake when it comes to getting inside my head.

I find it so annoying and ignorant for someone who doesn't know what I had to do to get what I received.  And let me tell you, I received a lot of medals, awards, positions, certificates, and opportunity after opportunity because I put so much effort, time and commitment to everything I've ever been apart of. 

If you're anything like me, you'll understand why this is a pet peeve of mine. It is honestly such a shame for people to constantly think that everything is handed to me, because in reality, that never happens.

Like I said, I worked extremely hard and put in a lot of my time and effort to achieve all that I have received in my life.  I put in the effort to get what I want. If anything, I probably worked harder than the person who is complaining because I achieved something that they didn't.  And yes, as selfish as that sounds, I'm actually not.  

If I received an award/opportunity, it is because I tried and worked my butt off just to get it.  There is no need for anyone to ever put someone's achievements down, especially when they don't know how much time and effort they endured just to get what they have. 

And this how my whole life has been.  Dealing with arrogant people who see's the amount of work I do, yet think I receive everything. It's ridiculous, and actually quite offensive to think that my hard work is clearly going unnoticed. 

Sorry to get angry on my blog that is usually positive... this is my pet peeve, and even thinking about the past people who's ever said that to me just sets me off. 

What your pet peeve? Let me know!
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