23 January 2014

My Baby MJ

Hello fellow bloggers.  It's day 16 of the Inspire Me Blog Challenge, hosted by Lisa and Kristen
Todays topic:
Thursday, January 23: Many new babies have been introduced into the blogging world in the last year. Tell us about one of the funniest moments you've had with them.
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When I saw this topic, I immediately thought to myself, "well what on earth am I suppose to blog about?"  I have no child, I am still a 19 year old student still trying to figure things out with my own life, let alone bring a new one into this world.  Then I thought, instead of not participating in today's challenge, I'll be a little creative with my answer. 
This is my baby, MJ. Yes he's a rabbit, but I take care of him like he's part of our family.  If you recall, I first blogged about him back in November as The NEW Addition.  Needless to say, he's still a baby to Jay and I, and it is safe to express that MJ is definitely getting comfortable with us. 
The funniest moments I have with this little guy is that whenever he is hungry (even though he just ate), he will scurry to where we keep his food, as he makes an attempt to create a hole in the bag.  And when he makes a hole, he would literally fall inside the bag just eating away. He is too adorable! Like he would literally go out of his way just to find the bag, just jumping and climbing everywhere and anything just get him soon food!
Any funny moments with your babies? Don't forget to link up!
Tomorrow's topic:
Friday, January 24: Share some new trends/makeup/online shops you've found recently and include a few photos!
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