10 January 2014

Let's Play a Game: Guess the Lie(s)

ITS FRIDAY!!! Yay, finally. This week couldn't have gone any faster! Which could be both a good and bad thing...

Today is day 7 of the Inspire Me blog challenge hosted by both Showered With Design and Happiness is a Mood Not a Destination!

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 Today's Topic:

Friday, January 10: "The Side of Me Nobody Knows" - write down 2 or 3 secrets that no one knows about.  Mix it up and write two secrets and a lie and make your followers guess the lie!

I'm going to make things a little different, I'm just going to say different facts about me, some are the truth and some are not! I'll add a bit of description beside each one you have more "information" to make your guess!

1. I'm afraid of masks.  I am just afraid of not knowing who is hiding the mask, and not knowing what their motivation is.

2. I have 2 sisters.  My eldest sister is currently living the residence life on campus in a far away city (LUCKY), while my younger sister and I are here at home.

3. I have 2 tattoos my parents don't know about.  I have the bible verse "1 John 4:8" tattooed on my collarbone just above my heart and I have my grandmothers' name tattooed on my wrist... that one I'm actually surprised my parents haven't seen.

4. I sleep with my build-a-bear.  Jay bought me my little bear 3 years ago, why would I just leave it on the shelf.  He has to sleep somewhere.

5. My book shelf has a collection of books I bought with the intention of reading... but never did.  I have a collection of series of books that I begged my parents to buy for me because I "needed" them to "fulfill my life".

6. I have a bad habit of biting my nails.  I know gross right?

7. I am terrified of the idea of shopping online.  Credit card freud... enough said about this. 

8. I still live with my parents.

9. Currently in the process of applying for a whole new career at an entirely new university.

10.  I hate the idea of people touching my feet.  I think it is weird and for some reason, I just don't like the feeling of someone's hands on my feet..

Well there you go! Can you guess which one(s) are lies? ... if there are any ;) I'll definitely be posting up my answers sometime soon.. or maybe never :)

This was fun, its like we're back at camp playing ice breakers to get to know each other!

Have a great weekend!

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