24 January 2014

Five on Friday

THE GOOD LIFE BLOGYes! Friday is finally here, and you don't know how excited I am to just sleep until noon again.  Yes as crazy as it sounds, I have been working so diligently with my readings that I am just mentally drained.  Although I have a paper due on Monday, I am just too excited to just relax!

Today I'm linking up for the first time with April, Darci, Natasha and Christina to share some randoms for Five on Friday today!


I had the best customer experience at any fast food place I've ever gone to! On Monday, I went to order some burgers for Jay and I from Five Guys and Burger and Fries, and the cooks enthusiasm was just amazing!  When they called out order numbers, "81" and "82", one of the cooks said to me, "You're so beautiful, I'm going to give you extra fries".  That not the best part - the construction guy picking up order 82 screamed out, "Hey I'm beautiful to! Where's my fries?" Definitely the best part of my week!

The weirdest thing occurred this week.  On my way to school, on presumably one of the coldest days we've experienced, I saw this street light literally dangling by a wire.  It was so windy that the street light was just swinging back and forth.  Truthfully, I was scared to even drive under that, let alone walk under it like many students had to do when walking to the bus stop. Thankfully, it's fixed now.

My biological anthropology class finally got exciting this week! This is why I fell in love with anthropology last year, because of the artifacts and fossils we get to explore and analyze while learning about our evolutionary history. This passion I randomly discovered last year is the reason why I am currently doing a double major in this are! Yay!

This week, I've seem somewhat stay on my schedule.  I finished all the readings (while creating textbook notes) for the chapters I was suppose to read for this week.  I wrote my quiz yesterday, and I started writing the mini assignment due Monday.  I am so proud of myself for actually trying this year!

MJ is my little baby. I love him to death and he just makes me so happy.  Just the other day, this guy was running around so much, that he exhausted himself out! I've seen him just lay in his couch closing his eyes, trying to get comfortable and overall just being quiet.  He was such a good little guy this week!

Well there you have it! These are just 5 random things that happened during my week! Hope to see your linkup on Five on Friday today! 

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