31 January 2014

2014 So Far...

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It's not only Friday, but is it also the last day of  the Inspire Me Blog Challenge, hosted by Lisa and Kristen
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Todays topic:
Friday, January 31: Last day of the month! Reflect on how 2014 has been so far.
2014 so far has been both good and day to me.  Let's face it... this is life. It cannot alway be good nor can it always be bad.  But I think learning from your mistakes and the misfortunes makes you into the person you are today. Don't you think?
2014 is definitely nothing like 2013. When I said I wanted to change for the better, I meant it. And I felt so far in this new year, (not so new anymore), I am working towards my goals.  Which is a great feeling! I finally got into the habit of going to the gym regularly, and I am making more of an effort to just have fun with my friends.  I've also been keeping up with my readings, which has been such a great feeling! I don't feel stressed out about being behind as I used to. 
It's the last day of January, and I can only continue to hope for good things for the rest of the months to come.  I'm hoping my positivity will continue to grow onto others around me and continue to be with my thoughts, words and actions.  
So far, I've been trusting God more.  It's weird for me to say that because I've felt like a great Christian following my religion throughout my entire life. And this month, I've learn so much more about my faith than I did during my past years.  It's amazing how the littlest, or even the biggest, experiences can seriously change the outlook one's life. 
I don't want to spend on too much detail talking about the good and bad.  The good is just a great motivator for me to continue my hard work, while the bad is just a reminder to me what I should do differently when put in a similar situation.  
I could only hope for good things to come for the rest of my journey, in hopes of finding me. 
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