It's Been So Long!

So as I probably mentioned once or twice in the last few posts, they are here!

They arrived into town 8:30am this morning, and oh my wow did they get out of the airport so fast.  And not even within an hour of their arrival, they were already at the front door step of my home.

I guess you could say it was somewhat awkward to see my family again.  If you think about it, the last time we were with them, I believe last summer or the summer before... Don't really quite remember.  But the point is it has been awhile since we have seen each other.

It very easy for my mother to bond with her brothers and sisters easily, but for us cousins it's harder.  Like my cousins and I here in Canada, they have created a bond with each other growing up... and I know it will be hard to get past that with my cousins and their bond.

However, it is not like a mean girls movie, where we actually don't talk and talk shit behind each other's back. No. We are all very friendly with each other as we did create a bond of our own in Los Angeles the two summers ago.  Lol that's something we definitely need to catch up on for sure!

But hey at least the morning started off really well, so I am extremely excited for the next week to be with them... That's if I choose to be with them over school....

What are today's plans? 
It's difficult to say at the moment.  All I know we were suppose to do a road trip down to the falls and then shop around, but the family fell asleep lol I guess due to jet lag.

We will have to wait and see what time they wake up.

First Post

What's should the first post be about?

School?  Too much to write about
Love life?  Do I want my parents even reading about it
Friends? hmm... do I even have "real" friends?

I guess I could talk about why I randomly decided to create a blog.  It was very random actually.  I was cleaning my room, and folding some cloths inside the closet when I decided, hmm.. maybe I should be writing this essay due on Tuesday. 

But how could I?  My family from the States would be flying into town this Sunday, and my family is stressing me out to clean my room and help create space for the 7 family coming to stay in our small house. OMG.  Not only do I have exams right after they leave, but I have an essay AND an assignments due while they are here.  I guess the real question is, How do I cope with loud family, staying a 2 bedroom household while trying to balance family time and school...

You maybe be wondering, its summer so why do I even have to worry about school?  Well no offence to myself, but I was acting dumb this year.  I should have honestly tried harder during the first year of university.  If I did, I probably would've had a better GPA and not have to worry if my future is in jeopardy. Relax... my GPA wasn't that bad, it's just for the program I want is so competitive and I need to start being more competitive.  So what better way of getting ahead but by doing summer school? 

I thought it was a great idea, until I heard the plans that my family would be doing while they are here... I'm actually kind of jealous because I want to have fun to. 

But this is besides the point that I could talk about in another post later. So how did I come to a decision on writing a blog? 

I wanted to tweet all my frustration out, but I didn't like how my "friends" would be able to read it... and on tumblr, I don't usually post stuff.. Then I was actually scrolling down Facebook newsfeed and noticed this girl created a blog and I thought it was a cool idea..

After 30 minutes of creating an uncreative url for this blog, here I am writing about it... How lame.