23 December 2013

Welcome to Toronto

If you haven't already notice, I clearly failed this blogmas challenge although it is almost over... But I swear I have a legitimate reason.  If you haven't already heard, a huge part of Ontario, Canada (where I currently live) was hit with a really bad ice storm.  Yes... ICE storm.  As a result, around 300,000 homes lost their power and hot water. It sucks because my homes is included in this statistics.

I woke up unable to post anything and honestly hearing my mother's battery powered radio, the news claimed that it will most likely take around 72 hours before everyone can get their power back up and running efficiently.

My house is freezing cold, there is no hot water and outside is literally an ice rink.  It is honestly so crazy out here.  The worst part is, that trees are literally breaking apart because the ice that froze on the branches are so heavy... So there are literally broken trees everywhere either falling on top of cars or catching fire because of the electrical wires...

It is honestly so crazy, and it would be a Christmas miracle to have the entire power back up for the city... If you are wondering how I am finally blogging this early morning, it is because my cousins were fortunate enough to have their electricity, so we are crashing here to eat, shower and rest.  Thank goodness.

Here are some pictures of my day... The pictures honestly show a much prettier version of my day.

It's day's like today that really make you realize that our generation relies a lot of electricity and technology.  Something to definitely be thankful for as we shouldn't be taking this for granted.

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