28 December 2013

Something I've Learned

Before 2014 approaches, I think it is important to reflect on lessons I've learnt this year.  Because a year has 365 days, I can honestly say I don't remember all the lessons that I've the hard way.  But in just the past week, I've learnt something so big that I honestly think I should share with everyone.  As you already know, part of Ontario was hit with an ice storm.  As a result, many people across cities lost their power - having no electricity for light and for warmth.

So for me, this Christmas has definitely been the most craziest one I've ever experienced.  And usually Christmas shopping is crazy itself, but this year without power for 3 consecutive days, was something no one expected and therefore, no one was really ready to endure this difficult time.

Experiencing the ice storm first hand, I was honestly scared.  Not being prepared can actually be very scary.  Without light, it is obviously dark... which makes things more terrifying because you can't see anything which just allows your mind to wonder.

Driving back to my home the first night the power went out felt like a scene from The Purge.  The entire neighbourhood was pitch black.  The only source of light was from the moon, and that still wasn't enough to make me feel safe. Being inside my home that night, was even more scary. I didn't know if someone had broken in and was hiding somewhere... it was odd because the home is the most safest place you can be.  But without light to see my way, it was honestly so scary going upstairs to my room or looking through my closet to get some of my clothing.

I realized, without the our sight, and without light to actually see, I felt very alone. I was so alone I started to become confused and just angry.  Looking at the street just a block away, the building there had light.  I guess it was because of the back up power generator, but it just got me frustrated.  Why us? Like why must this happen to us?  - That was all I kept thinking.

Then on Christmas Eve, just a few hours before the midnight mass at my church, our power came back on.  It was honestly the best feeling in my life to just turn on the lights and just feel safe.  Although it took about 2 days to warm up our home, I didn't mind... I just felt happy and secure knowing I have the power back.

Going to church that evening, I expected it to be the same as every other midnight mass.  The church filled with people whom I never seen on a regular Sunday, a lot of alter servers, and just people everywhere talking.  But walking into that church, it was.. empty.  Listening to my Priest homily was so uplifting.   Listening to my priests' homily made me realize something... Although I experienced a 3 day period without any power, I was never alone... God was always there with me.

1 John 4:8: "God is Love"
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My priest kept talking about the verse "God is Love."  And it just made this entire ice storm experience mean something more to me.  No matter much struggle we go through, no matter how alone we feel, he is always with us.  Whether it through the visible act of being the light that allows us to see what is in front of us, or the absence of light to show us where our hearts and mind should focus on.  It is through his love for us that shows that he is forgiving, loving, generous, tolerant and patient with us.

There are times where we unfortunately question the bad that are happening to us, and there are even more times where we ask for so much from him.  We take for granted the love and the things that God gives for us.  We don't realize that God lives among every single one of us.  With that being said, the ways that we treat others, especially ourselves is the way we are directly treated our God. It is always important to believe and trust the things that happen to us.  There is always a lesson to be learnt or to be relearnt.

As for me, this Christmas I learned through God's love that I am truly thankful for the family that I have.  Our cousins and aunts took us in graciously when they found out we had no power.  They gave us a place to stay with warmth, and food to eat.  That's something I couldn't forget, their love and generosity.  I also learnt that Christmas isn't about the gifts... I usually stress myself out with just buying the perfect gift for everyone, I forget the true meaning of the holiday.

God is love. And his love is projected from what we say, think or do. It is always important to remember that he is there for us, especially when we feel most alone. Hopefully this is something I can remember throughout the new year.

I hope you all have/had an amazing last weekend of 2013!

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