14 December 2013

My Saturday - So far

I know in yesterday's post I mentioned that I would probably blog something later tonight .... Turns out the weather is extremely bad in Toronto, and other areas of Ontario, that I might not be able to go out after my exams.

It's might be hard to see in the picture above, but it's snowing. We all got this snow storm warning last night or earlier and on my drive to school this morning I was so disappointed. 

You would think that snow plows would have already gotten on the roads to push snow hiding the streets to the side, and perhaps leave some salt in dangerous areas (ie hills). But no... My drive literally took so much longer because everyone was driving slower (not complaining about that) because no one did anything to help. 

On top of that, driving on my campus was worst! My campus is literally like it's own area, so students have our own roads to get to different parking lot areas of even to the other side of the campus. It's literally like this huge circle. Anyways, driving on there was horrible! 

It was as if nothing was Plowedd. The snow was so piled up that I went over speed bumps I didn't even know was there because the snow was hiding it. 

Like if they know students are comig to write there exams, you would think they would try and have the roads as safe as possible so we wouldn't miss our exams. 

Anyways.... Now I'm in inside the school, still cold, attempting to study. I'm just really want to get this over with. 

After today, 2 exams will be done! 

How's Saturday treating you so far? Hope you're having a better start! 

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