26 December 2013

My Favourite Christmas Gift

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas experience, I know I had a great one this year! For the first time in a long time, we were lucky enough to have a white christmas.  Yes, it snowed yesterday! Which is amazing because the last time I remember it snowing on Christmas was when I was younger, so it was great to experience it once more!

Since yesterday was Christmas, I think it's appropriate for me to talk about all the gifts that I received this year.  In particular, I will be talking about my favourite gift that I received!

My favourite gift this year has to definitely be from Jay.  When he first gave me the gift, it was in a People's Jewellers bag... which already got me excited! It has to be jewellery, I thought! Looking inside the bag, I see something wrapped.  You have to give credit to Jays wrapping skills... you can't see it, but he literally wrapped the entire box with 6 layers of wrapping paper, and used electrical tape. It took me a very long time to open it up.

Voila! He got me a panda necklace from Peoples Jewellery.  The amazing part is that I find this gift to be so sentimental! He combined jewellery (a gift any girl will be happy to receive) and my favourite animal in the entire world! I love it and it is just too beautiful.  He also got the lifetime warranty as the black part of the panda are black diamonds.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope everyone partied like no tomorrow. I know I did, that's why I didn't make a post until now! 


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