03 December 2013

My 2013 Christmas List

Instead of doing a blurb before leading into today's blog post, I am going straight to the point WITH PICTURES of my Christmas list this year.  I am really hoping it is either I will receive them Christmas Day, or I will have the money to buy it myself on Boxing Day!  So without further ado, here is my Christmas List, in no specific order!

My Christmas Wish List

1. A Michael Kors 15" Jet Set Travel Tote for Macbook Pro
  • Either $249.95 or $299.95 depending on the colour/design

2. Infinity Scarf
  • Corrie Cable Scarf for only $19.99 from The Boathouse and Target ; I really don't mind what colour! 

3.  Knitted Headband
  • Leto Cable Headband for only $9.99 from the Boathouse! (I'm thinking I really want a black colour)

4. Pair of Black Heel (I don't mind the brand, as long as they are completely different from the simple look)
  • Ramba Crisscross Pumps from Guess only $160.00 (Like I said it doesn't have to be brand name, but this is the type of style I like)
  • [Source]
5. High Waisted Elastic Side Panel Pants
  • Only $15.00 at Urban Planet.  I think I would either like them in black or burgundy. 
6. Go-To Fit & Flare Dress
  • Only $12.80 at Forever 21, and it also comes in grey, blue and red.  If i get this, I would either want black, red or grey!
7.  A Silver Bracelet
  • This is a Pandora bracelet for only $75.00 (this is an example without the charms); But I don't mind what kind of bracelet it is… but I think it is time for me to get myself a nice bracelet.
These are just the few things I want! I don't know what else I want, but I know I want others! Trust me I'm not spoiled.

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