11 December 2013

Heartwarming Westjet Christmas Video

Can you believe it is already Wednesday? Wow is the week going back so quickly! In just a few short days I will be writing two exams and celebrating Jay's birthday. If only I can get myself to studying more effectively at the moment.

Anyways, as I was going through youtube during my study break, I came across this heartwarming video involving Santa Claus and WestJet passengers.  In the video you see that the WestJet staff installed a booth in the shape of a present at Person Airport and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport where these passengers would be heading towards Calgary.  They were asked to share what they wanted for Christmas with the "virtual" Santa. 

What the passengers didn't know was that their request were recorded and their gifts would be waiting for them upon their arrival.

Hope you all enjoy this video just as I did!

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