01 December 2013

Favourite Part of the Holidays

Well its finally here, December 1st! Exactly 24 more days until Christmas.  I'm so excited! For the rest of the month, I've decided to try and blog everyday (if I can), but make it Christmas related.  For example, today I will be talking about my favourite part of the holidays! If you're wondering what I will be talking about after Christmas, well I hopefully (if I have time) talk about my goals for 2014 and perhaps some favourite memories of 2013!

Shall I being? 

My favourite part of the holidays is the time I get to spend with my family.  No one really takes the time to realize how much time you really don't get to spend quality time with them.  We are ALL either to busy with school, work or other things that we forget to spend time with the family.   They are a huge part of our lives, and I think just having the weeks off from school and work is the perfect way to just spend the time with them.

In addition to spending time with the family, I love having Christmas parties with my cousins and other aunts and uncles.  That is honestly the best just finally catching up with all my cousins, all of us being in the same room and just laughing around.  I love my cousins, and I just love their company.

As much as everyone makes the holidays just about Christmas, I really do think we need to take the time to spend time with our families.  Yeah I know its the Christmas break and all and you want to spend A LOT of time partying with friends.  But I really do thinking that family quality time is important and a great bonding experience!

Lots of love,

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