20 December 2013

Favourite Christmas (almost) Tradition

Okay guys! Its just a few more days until Christmas! I am absolutely so excited and cannot wait to see the gifts that my friends and I got me.  I am not quite finished with my Christmas shopping, but is anyone ever finished shopping ahead of time?

Anyways, since today is day 20 of blogmas, I wanted to share a favourite Christmas cousin tradition.  Every Christmas, it is either my family or my cousins' family who hosted the Christmas party.  Because the members of our family have continued to increase throughout the years, it usually is my family who then hosts the Christmas party.

Every year, while the men are in the living room drinking, and the women are in the kitchen gossiping, it is usually us cousins (of all ages) who spends the entire night upstairs in either of the rooms.  As much fun as we are having with each other, we tend to get bored easily and find ourselves on our phones or talking about how we want to be somewhere else.

So every year, we come up with a different idea that we WANT to make as our Christmas tradition.  2 years ago we decided to that us cousins should create gingerbread sleighs (instead of houses)! Haha, needless to say, our creation didn't come out so well, but nevertheless it was just fun having all of us yell and scream at each other. Keep in mind, my family is full of hardheads who never want to listen to each other, soooo us cousins have that type of personality, but x3.

Anyways, here are some pictures from 2 years ago.  We didn't create one last year, but if this year we do decide to do build a gingerbread anything again, I will be sure to write about it! But knowing us, I'm pretty sure we are going to try to create a new tradition that will most likely not continue ha!

If you have any Christmas traditions, let me know about it in the comments, or if you posted about it, leave a link in the comments as well!

Happy Friday!

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