30 December 2013

Family Fun

To end off 2013 right, my family and I went to a party.  It wasn't just a normal party, this was a family party with some of our friends from cadets. This was actually the first time we've done this, but the night was amazing, and I was happy to see my mom just let loose and have some fun with her friends.

I think what made this party more fun was that the parents weren't shit talkers and they themselves were having fun and just allowed us to have fun.  In comparison to the family parties that I've attended, my aunts and uncle judge way too much, which restrains my cousins and to basically stay in the bedroom talking about everything... sober (even though we are legal).

Anyways, the night started off with some wii, and later turned into a pranking fest where everyone pranked me first by giving me shots of salt water while the other legal kids had tequila.  It did not taste good, trust me.  Our night continued with some different wii games, guitar hero and later ending off the night (or starting off our morning) with some movies.

Truthfully I had fun, and it was a good way to end off the year with some close friends that I consider family.

Hopefully you all had great parties to end off the year right with people you love and genuinely enjoy! So the last party of 2013 - success!

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