04 December 2013

Easiest Person To Buy Gifts

I am continuing to challenge myself by blogging everyday with Christmas themed post until Christmas Day! Today, I decided to talk about who I find the easiest person to buy gifts for this year!

Shopping, shopping, shopping… It can both be the greatest side activity or the worst experience ever! Especially when it comes to Christmas shopping, oh man do you need A LOT of time to prepare and go shopping just for one person.  Don't get me wrong, shopping for some people MAY be a little easier in comparison to others.  Today, I am going to talk about who I find is the easiest person to buy!

When I say "Easiest Person to Buy", I basically mean who is the easiest person to shop for.  In all honestly, I find this topic extremely hard, a… so I really had to think about who falls into this category...

I mean, I guess I could talk about my parents as they explicitly tell my sister and I what they want… but then again buying them gifts isn't financially easy without the other parents' help.  For instance, my dad wants a new television for his room.. Ha I don't even work.  My mom is going to have to help me on that one.

But, if I am referring to this year alone, I guess the easiest person to buy a gift for is my sister.  

My mother and I recently went Black Friday shopping bought her own Macbook Pro, so that she doesn't have to constantly be using mine.  Because of that, it hit me with the idea to just purchase her a red shell case, and matching red keyboard cover for her Macbook.  Since I was purchasing this online from eBay, I decided to buy a 3 for 1 deal which comes with the screen protector.  

Other than that… it is NEVER easy for me to purchase a gift for anyone.  Everyone is so complicated with their wants and desires, and so there is either a huge range of possibilities to buy someone, or there is absolutely nothing someone will want.

Other than that, I am really thinking about getting her own set of lotion from Victoria Secret.  She keeps using my lotion thinking I don't notice.  So I found this gift option they are currently selling at Victoria Secret! I think this would be great for any girl actually, especially how it comes with a makeup bag. 
Oh boy, I really hope she doesn't see this blog post (I guess that's why I have yet to tell her about my blog!)

Christmas shopping stresses me out financially and emotionally… Help!  If you have any ideas (or already know for what you are buying for your sister) let me know, perhaps you can lend me some more ideas!

Who is your easiest person to buy a Christmas gift this year?

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