07 December 2013

A Little (Long) Story About Love

Love is something that is an extremely complicated topic; "When you feel it, that's when you know".
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Recently my friend, S, has spoken to me about a problem she was having.  She experienced love twice in her life.  She grew up with the first one (lets name him M)… grew up with him, dated for a little, but stayed as friend after their breakup.  Feelings were obviously still there, for her, but from him… that was something every one wondered about.

After years of trying to express her feelings to M, out of the blue one day S did… she was so devastated when M told her that he did not feel the same for her.  From that day one, S swore to herself that she will be done with M and on that very same night, another guy decided to step him. We shall name him G.

From what G explains, he always had an eye for her since the day the met a few months earlier.  When he saw her running back to her car in tears, he had this idea that she and M had broken up.  And from that day on, G was constantly there in her life.

It's actually an amazing story, but three years later, here they are still together working their way onto four years. She's happy, he's happy.

During my friend and G's relationship, she made a sacrifice to stop talking to her long time childhood friend M.  M seemed to handle this whole situation okay, and so she was okay that she didn't feel missed.

G didn't like M altogether. One obvious reason was because of the fact that M was her ex, but another reason was that G thought M and my friend looked like a perfect matched couple.

But recently, M mother passed away, and my friend was back in his life.  I don't know where her feelings lie, but she knew she had to be there for a long time friend.  From then on… they've been texting here and there with hellos and how are yous… nothing more.

Last night speaking to my friend, she told me that M randomly texted her asking, "I have a question for you.." and then the conversation continued to asking her why she stopped talking to him.  This was the first time in a long time she felt good about herself and felt that she was able to stand up something she always feared.  She told him that she needed the space to get over someone who will never have the same feelings that she expressed.

This is the part of the story that personally breaks my heart…

M told her that he would have gotten back together with her as he liked her for a while.  Her friendship with G that was growing from when they met made M want to back off… due to the jealousy and situations those two had, M didn't want S to be put in the middle and thought that S deserved someone who was there for her since day one.  He admitted to her that he disappeared and appeared back in her life whenever he pleased, and he was sorry.

As easy as it was for S to tell M that it was good that they both moved on, she is now questioning whether if this was true for her.  She is now questioning where her feeling lie… for M or for G.

Love is a complicated subject… love can lie between two people, and whether or not you have experienced it first hand… only the heart knows.

Hope you enjoyed this weird wandering love story,

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