27 December 2013

700 Mess Dinner

On Saturday December 21, 700 David Hornell V.C Squadron had their traditional Mess Dinner.  The Mess Dinner is one of the most important traditions of the Canadian Forces.  So as Air Cadets, it is important to continue most of their traditions.  The Mess Dinner's is probably one of my favourite tradition in the Air Cadet Program.  We do follow the traditional aspects, but also have fun during the dinner time.

Last year, as the Warrant Officer First Class, I had the honour of sitting at the head table with the important guests.  This year, because I retired just last month, I was invited as a guest to participate in this tradition as my sister had the honour of sitting at the head table. 

During the dinner portion of the night, is more of the fun part.  We are all required to follow proper table etiquettes and rules.  If you were caught doing something inappropriate (such as having your elbows on the table), you found yourself doing a fun little "punishment" in front of everyone.  These are usually for fun and not intended to embarrass anyone.  For example, this year some of the punishments included having to model a pink boa across the room and singing in front of everything.  

Later throughout the night, I was surprised by receiving my WO1 ring.  This ring is only given to WO1s of the squadron.  I was also surprised by receiving a beer mug indicating my name and date of my retirement. 

It was an amazing experience being out of the air cadet program, and I had fun as people figured out that the area that I was seated at, was arranged to my liking... Meaning that I told the Mess Committee to put my "fun" friends near me, hehee.

Here are some of the pictures from my night!

The last picture is a photo of all the "chiefs" of 700 David Hornell V.C squadron since the merger between 707 and 700 Squadrons.  If you noticed, in the last few years, the squadron has been taken over by women, with the exception of 1 male!

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