10 December 2013

10 for 10

Today is December 10th, do you know what that means? If you don't let me tell you… Today is Jay and I's three year anniversary!  Wow has this been a journey for us.  Three years ago today we were became one; and here we are, still together.

I can't lie and say our relationship is perfect because it is not.  We do have our shares of ups and downs, but hey, how else are you suppose to get to know your partner? I just can't believe it has already been 3 years.  Its actually extremely crazy to me because sometimes it feels longer than that. But I don't mind, I'm just happy that we are happy and that I am happy with what we have.

I wish I could honestly say that I am more excited… but I can't.  Today is our anniversary, on the 14th is his birthday (and my 2 exams), and then it's Christmas.  So that is 3 times to the gifts I had to get for him every December. yikes! But thankfully we both agreed to save money this year and give each other 1 BIG gift for all the occasions all at once. (which I still have to go shopping for)

Anyways, since today is the 10th, I decided to participate in Rebekah's Ten on Ten to share how our day went.  If you have no idea of what this is, click HERE to check out other people's Ten on Ten in November.

ten on ten button
Ten hours, Ten photos, on the Tenth.

9:00 am
Petting MJ on this very spot relaxes him so much he closes his eyes! This is when he is at his calmest state!

10:00 am
Can't study for exams without some Starbucks!
11:00 am
At the library getting some studying done! Sorry I didn't even realize my beanie was there. Opps
12:00 pm
Trying to finish study sheet as fast as possible for my Social Psych exam on Saturday!
1:00 pm
Looking at some instagram notifications… I am clearly bored of studying.
 2:00 pm
Surprised the hubby, and took him to lunch for his lunch break!
 3:00 pm
I decided to let MJ free from his cage and chill with me on the bed.  He thinks this is his litter box, he ALWAYS poops on here since the day we brought him home.
4:00 pm
MJ was totally eating and biting up my study sheets… and on top of that he pooped all over them to.
5:00 pm
I don't know where he learnt this, but he randomly dropped onto his side, and scarred me. I actually thought he died… But thankfully he didn't!  He got up after he pooped… and now he is cleaning himself.
6:00 pm
Guess who's back eating my fries!
Wow guys! I cannot believe I've actually completed 10 hours… lol it was hard and I know my day doesn't look exciting, but you must have already suspected that since its exam time!

Did you participate in today's Ten for Ten? If so, leave a link to your post so I can check it out! If not, feel free to leave some love! 

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