08 November 2013


The entire process of catching up is extremely hard, especially when I literally missed a weeks worth of blogs... I think I would have to be a quick creative person to write 8 different blogs (including today's) in order to catch up... So instead I think it is fair to just continue from Day 8, and do as many days as I can for this blogember challenge!

Day 8: Write a five minute prompt on Time; hosted by a happy girl.

Let the timer begin!

Time is said to be eternal... we don't know where it began, and we will not know when it will end.  Just yesterday we were babies in our parents eyes, and in a blink of an eye, here we are today.  We are either in school or working. What will you be doing tomorrow? Probably our same weekly routine.

I think we are so focused on putting a meaning on what time is by creating labels such as past, present and future.  Although time is said to be eternal, I think we are wasting it by focusing on too much detail about everything in our lives.

Time doesn't wait for us.  Before you realize it, you will not have anytime left to do what's important in life.  So why are we wasting time just sitting around doing nothing? Shouldn't we be doing something with the time that we have left?

Not everyone is blessed with time... I can tell you that.  Not everyone has the opportunity to lives as long as others do.  Why waste YOUR precious time on things that don't matter anyways? Focus on you and your life... your time will be worth it once you realize you're spending it with the right kind of people.

If time is a virtue, why is it being wasted?

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