07 November 2013

Throw Back: My Last Annual

I never really got a chance to explain to you bloggers my hobbies outside of the blogging world.  I don't have a lot of hobbies, but when I am apart of something (be it a team or an organization) I am committed to it 100%.

Since the age of 12, I have been an active member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.  I have gone through all the ranks in the air cadet program, attaining my current rank of Warrant Officer First Class - the highest rank a cadet can receive.  Below you will see a picture of me receiving my Warrant badges just last year! Wow does time fly!

As great as the air cadet program as, one down fall I have to say is that a cadet is required to leave the program once she/he has reached the age of 19.  Unfortunately for me, I am turning 19 very shortly and my 7 years of service will come to an end.

Its both bitter-sweet.  One thing that I won't forget about my journey as an air cadet, or as a WO1, was my last Annual.  Annuals is a big parade held at the end of the training year demonstrating to the parents and officers how much a cadet has improved through their drill and deportment.  It is during Annuals as well where a cadet can win big awards in recognition of their hard work throughout the training year.

So when I say Annual is the most important day of the training year, I mean it is the most important day.  For this year, Annuals was held on June 2013, and it was the biggest moment of life.... Not only was it my LAST annual of my cadet career, but it was my FIRST annual taking command of the entire parade. - you know this is a big deal when your squadron has 225 cadets enrolled. 
Below you will find some of the pictures taken at my last annuals.  This was an important and successful memory for me.  Enjoy :)

The weekend is almost here!

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