28 November 2013

The Thankful Project: A Simple Pleasure

Wow can you believe that November is almost over?  December is right around the corner.. meaning EXAM Time! yikes!  As much as I would love to talk about exam (yeah I actually don't), I think its time for another thankful prompt hosted by Kenzie from Chasing Happy.

Day 27: A Prompt About "A Simple Pleasure"

As some of you already know, I live in Canada and the only way you know winter is here is when it is COLD, snowing and when it is cold.  Believe me, as pretty as it may look, the snow is not something you want your car to get stuck in when you're in the rush to get somewhere… 

Anyways, I think today it is appropriate to be thankful for the snow today.  Last night it snowed, and for the first time this season, waking up to the sight of snow was just so beautiful.  My favourite things to see during the winter is the snow laying on the tree branches! It's like looking at a life size post card! It is so beautiful, and the cold is just an added bonus for reasons to cuddle with your loved one.  

As much as I do not like the cold, I cannot lie… I love the snow - especially when its fluffy and white!  Just being around the fire with family, and spending quality time indoors with the people you care about, is definitely something I am thankful during the winter season!

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