24 November 2013

The Thankful Project: A Physical Trait

Day 24: A Prompt About "A Physical Trait You Have"

Today I am linking up with Kenzie from Chasing Happy for this today's prompt for The Thankful Project. Today's prompt is about a physical trait I have… I think today's prompt is a really great way to finally see what attributes you have that makes you beautiful as well.  I'm the type of person who would compliment anyone I think is pretty or has nice cloths. But when it comes to be receiving compliments, I usually just throw them to the side saying naw, you're just trying to be nice.  

So for today's prompt, I really thought about the few traits that people usually compliment me on.. and there are a few things I can talk about - my cubby cheeks, my eyes or (according to my bf) my factor of having both beauty and brains.

But I decided to talk about the number one thing people usually love to compliment me on - my long hair. Growing up, I never really had the intention of growing my hair long… I always wanted to be like my mom who loved having short hair, and so I just wanted to have short hair just like she did.  But growing up, I received a lot of suggestions from my aunts to try having long hair like my mom did when she was younger.  And so I did, and I am in love with my own hair just as everyone else is. 

My hair is extremely healthy (virgin hair, no highlights or anything), it looks so silky, it is so soft to touch, and overall I can pretty much do anything to do and still make it look beautiful. I am so thankful for my hair today because I know there are people out there who are unable to grow hair for certain health issues, and that is why I grow my hair long, cut 6 inches off to donate it to cancer, and redo the entire process.  I am thankful I am able to help whenever I can. Best part is, when I cut my hair, it is still long, so I have nothing to be sad about when donating my hair!

Here is a look throughout the year with my process of regrowing my hair!

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