12 November 2013

The Thankful Project: An Opportunity

Today I am joining The Thankful Project .  As you've probably read in a lot of my posts, being grateful for the many things I have in my life is extremely important to me.  I feel that it is the act of being thankful is what pushes us to become true followers of God, especially if we are thankful for what others have done for us.

Day 12: A Prompt About "An Opportunity"; hosted by Kenzie from chasing happy.

For me, anything that has ever been offered to me is an opportunity.  Just last Friday, I was recently approached by a former officer in my squadron, asking me to join her squadron once I've retired as Warrant Officer First Class.

If you are just tuning into my blog, I am currently the Warrant Officer First Class at 700 David Hornell V.C Squadron, and that itself being promoted to the highest rank a cadet can receive, is an opportunity of itself.  By taking on this huge task, I was privileged and honoured to be apart of a squadron that had almost 230 cadets.  With this opportunity, I've learnt so much about myself, where I was able to improve my interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

On top of that, I've learned how to share my knowledge and experiences with younger cadets who one day aspire to reach the rank that I have.  Being in this position has also led me to meet amazing Officers and many different politicians who remember me as "the girl who took over 700".  It was just amazing.

Now, as my 19th birthday is quickly approaching, I am unfortunately forced to retire from the cadet program as the cadet program is for youths aging from 12-19.

However, my plans for after I retire (this Friday), is to return back into the program, but on the other side - a CIC Officer.  Going back to what I was saying in the beginning of this blog post, one of my previous officers offered me a position at her new squadron.

At first I was kind of reluctant to leave my squadron that I've been apart of for 7 years, but I never let opportunities go to waste.  Actually, last night I went to visit their squadron to look around to see how things were and to get a general vibe of the squadron.

From what I've seen, there is so much potential with the cadets in this squadron.  Regardless of how far this new squadron is, I can actually see the officers utilizing my skills for better use.  Inside of staying at my squadron, and becoming an officer without pay, and with a made-up position, I think this new squadron could benefit more with me...

So relating all of this heavy information back to the thankful project, I am actually thankful that my previous officer WANTED me and invited me to her squadron.  I am thankful that she recognizes my skills and has a vision of how to utilize my skills appropriately that can benefit others.  I am just thankful she has the best interest of my skills sets to not to be "put into waste".

I will be signing the papers next Monday, and I will officially become a part of a new Squadron.  Just letting go and going out of my comfort zone I think will be great learning experience... Maybe I'll learn something new about myself, or about the cadet program by working with a totally new group.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Wow, this is so interesting! So is this a school, or just a program you're a part of in addition to going to school?