18 November 2013

The Thankful Project: A Choice

I know yesterday I didn't make a post about yesterday's prompt, but I had a good reason that I choose not to share until the time is appropriate…
But on the bright side… Tomorrow is my birthday!

Day 18: A Prompt About "A Choice"

This one I had to think long and hard for… I really wanted to make this prompt meaningful by actually reflecting on my choices and what I am thankful for… and I've come to a conclusion for what I am to talk about today.

I am thankful for choosing the school I currently go to - University of Toronto - Mississauga.  If you are wondering how this is a "choice" that I am thankful for, it is because two years ago when I was applying for universities, I have to admit I was pretty scared of the entire process.  I didn't know what programs to apply for and what universities to apply into.  I was especially nervous about not getting accepted anywhere...

Eventually after a few weeks after my application went through, I got accepted to York University.  As excited as I was, there were stories going around about this school not being the greatest, and that basically it was a "shitty" school. (NOTE: Others words, not mine).

Then a few months later, to everyone's surprise, I got accepted into University of Toronto.  UofT currently ranks #14 in the world, and #1 in Canada. (For more info, please visit this website: http://news.utoronto.ca/tags/rankings).

So knowing the statistics of this school, you could imagine how many parents living in Canada would LOVE to have their children attending this school… so I was extremely happy I had the honour of being accepted to such a prestigious school.

Now back to the present, I am currently in my second year of university and I am just so thankful to be apart of a community that takes education seriously.  I am just honestly thankful that I have the opportunity to receive an education.  Therefore, this choice of choosing to accept the offer at studying at this school, is what I am thankful for today.  

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