15 November 2013

The Thankful Project: An Annoyance

Today's prompt I think is very difficult… What is an annoyance in my life that I am thankful for? hmm… I could talk about my sister, but that wouldn't be too nice as I was thankful for her being in my life in yesterday's post…

Day 15: A Prompt About "An Annoyance"; hosted by Kenzie from chasing happy

I've thought long and hard about this one… and I figured it out. Why not talk about the annoyance that is right in front of me!!  That's right, I am talking about my Macbook Pro.

Lately, it has been such an annoyance and a use inconvenience to use my laptop.  Macbook pros can usually last up to 8 hours without charging, and that was the primary reason why I spent all my hardworking money on this laptop.  There aren't a lot of outlets available at my University in the classes, so I figured charge this laptop once and easily use it in class.

But literally just a few days ago, when I was charging it, it said it would take around 14 hours to charge! And I knew that was for sure WRONG.  It should take like the most 2 hours if I am using my laptop at the same time while it is charging.  Anyways, it has gotten worst… when I was in class with a battery of 79% my laptop shut down, and I couldn't turn it back on.

Now, my poor baby won't even turn on unless the charger is connected to the laptop and an outlet… and onto of this, its not even charging when it is plugged in. It says: "Battery is not charging" but "Power source: Power Adapter"…. are you kidding me. 

Going back to the thankful part of this whole situation… The reason I am writing about my laptop being an annoyance because I should actually be thankful that I have a laptop.  Like I was thinking about it today and in all honestly I am just happy that I didn't lose any of my files and I am able to essentially still use my laptop for my classes and for personal use.

So when it come to the laptop charger accidentally falling off, I do get annoyed as the entire laptop shuts down… but I am just glad that I have my warranty left and I am extremely happy I didn't lose my important files that I have on here… Thank you Jesus!

Jay bought me the pink Macbook cover and keyboard cover!
Going to the apple store soon to get it checked out… wish me luck! and happy Friday!

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