26 November 2013

The NEW Addition

Before you get ahead of yourself by the misleading title of this post, no I am NOT pregnant… and I definitely don't plan to either until I know I am ready and have the resources (including finance) to get care of him/her… Anyways, this is besides the point!

For my birthday, Jay decided to surprise me with a little gift… something I had to pick out myself and I was actually curious of what this gift could be.  To me, the little things count, and by him taking me out to dinner on my birthday was more than enough, so this was making me excited.

Anyways, we got to the mall and passed by this pet shop, and we were just looking at the different pets that were around waiting to be taken home.  We've planned on adopting a puppy many times, but never really got around to it as we both know we wouldn't be at home as much due to school and work.  But recently he's been talking about a bunny, and I am absolutely in love with them! Ever since my first pet, a rabbit I received when I was younger, I knew I would want more in the future.

Well in the shop, we stopped at the area where the bunnies were playing and he asked me which one I would want if we were to get one.  And I chose this one little guy that looked like he ran shit in their little community.  LOL and then next thing I knew, Jay was picking out a cage and food for the little guy.  And then bam, the saleslady took him out and handed him to me to hold! I fell in love with him the instant he was in my arms!

So without further ado, I want to introduce to you our little new addition to our family, MJ! If you're asking, why MJ? We named him MJ because he has the sickest jumps I ever seen a rabbit do - He twists himself and just hops at any moment!  And in the cage we got him, there this ramp that has an entrance for him to hide in, and the way he exits his little hideaway, is like an extravagant entrance where he wants everyone to know he is out!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our little guy! 
P.S these are iPhone quality pictures because we didn't want to scare him with a big camera and the flash!

Have a great week!

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