19 November 2013

The BIG One Nine

Guess what…. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY and today I turn 19 years old.

I am just so thankful that I have been able to walk and live on earth and meet so many great people in my life! It has been a great 19 years so far, and I am so excited to see what is in store for my future and what I am going to do with the available opportunities.

It is just crazy to me to think my life is shaping on its own where soon I'm going to be 20, and eventually be finished with university, have my career in set, and possibly get engaged or even married… So many things can happen in the next decade of my life.. and it is just crazy to think I've been alive for almost 2 decades…

To show you how exciting my birthday is, I decided to share pictures of my day so you can see how well I spent my 19th birthday!
Enjoy my lovely iPhone quality pictures!
Had my sister drive herself to school.  Afterwards, took the car and drove myself to school.
What a great way to start off my birthday with some morning selfish on my way to school!
After my 10 am class, I'm in the library reading the book for my socio anthropology class later at 2 pm ("Righteous Dopefiend" by Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg)
In my socio anthro class, decided to buy a large sweet apple cider before class! It felt so great to have something warm for the cold weather!
Jay took me out to Kelsey's Restaurant!
Picture of the birthday girl!
Appetizer: Nachos … hmmm yummy
7 Layer Hamburger! 

My birthday cake from my lovely family <3 td="">
And to end off the post, here are some of the pictures my friends posted on their instagram (As a caption, I included their personal caption that can be found on their instagram)
@isaacramoss: Happy birthday to my Bestie @oulalanessaa you are such an amazing girl with so much ahead of you.  with all those memories I feel so blessed that our friendship has stayed strong.  You're officially legal.  Live it up and see you on Sunday :)
@nivesh17_: Happy birthday to my sickest cuzzin @oulalanessaa have a blessed day. Old pic but.  Enjoy vanessa!

@neeisha17: Happy 19th Birthday Vanessa! Hope you have an amazing day today because you deserve it.  You're absolutely my favourite cousin and we've been through so much such as cleaning blood in the hallways and applying toothpaste on burns LOL. Only we would understand. & let's not forget the day we received yellow envelopes home. "Because I'm dumb" shah and oh yah remember our "intelligent" plan of sleeping in the backyard.  And maybe this year we can finally fulfill our wish since we're both finally freaking 19. xoxo love yah hoe.
@jay_young_94: happy birthday to my best friend and girl. I love you with all my heart.  ur always got my back and I always got urs.  even tho we piss each other off we will fall back and make up.  happy 19 birthday!!!!!!!!!!! @oulalanessaa
Hope you had an amazing Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday, then almost Friday!

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