20 November 2013

MY Love

Happy Wednesday to everyone! It's halfway through the work week, and sooner than you think, it will be Friday! wohoo! 

If this is your first time passing my blog, today I am linking up with Kenzie from Chasing Happy participating in The Thankful Project. At the end of this post I will provide links for my previous posts if you'd like to catch up.  For today's prompt:

Day 20: A Prompt About A Significant Other

If you read yesterday's post The BIG One Nine, you'd probably recognize the above picture.  This is the most recent picture that I have of my significant other, Justin.  People call him JJ, but I rather call him my better half.  Choosing to talk about something about him that I am thankful for can be easy… I could easily talk about him all day and everyday, regardless if I already told you the story or not.

In September I wrote about how I was thankful for him being in my life (Thankful For You)… So because I already talked about me being thankful for him being in my life, it is an appropriate time to appreciate the little things that can sometimes be easily unnoticed.

One thing that I am thankful for is that he is dependable.  Whenever I need him, he is there… no matter what he is doing, he seems to always put me first… and that is something I never really had in my life.  If you grew up with me, you would know that I am the type of person to put other people's happiness before my own.  And because Jay is a man who learned from his experienced, I know that he would never take advantage of the type of person that I am - instead he would try to give me the happiness I deserve.

Jay is always trying his best to make me happy.  That's something big that I usually don't recognize on a regular basis.  All his actions seem to reflect on my happiness… it's crazy to say, but I don't recognize this during the days where he tries to do things for himself… I guess I could be selfish at time. But, he is still here, and that is something I am thankful for.

Jay is committed to me in every way possible - emotionally, physically and mentally.  If you knew the past he lived in, and the past I lived in, you would know that I would 100% never hurt Jay in any way shape or form.  When I love, I truly love with all my heart, and that is way Jay treats me.  Although are past is rough, and we seen people in our lives get hurt, I think it is good we found each other with similar backgrounds to understand each other better.

He has a sweet smile.  This is actually the first thing I fell for.  And if it wasn't for him smiling at me that night we met, him and I would have probably never crossed each other's paths… crazy how one little thing can change an entire life.

Jay compliments me in the best way possible.  He is my better half who makes me want to live life as a better and more positive person.  He just brings the best out of me - and I love that.

I'm also thankful that him and I are so similar yet so different at the same time.  It works for us in a way where we continue to learn so much about each other, regardless how long we've been together. It works because if we were exactly alike, our relationship wouldn't be as interesting... our differences adds a twist.

Lastly, something I am thankful for is that he chose me.  He could have any other girl in the world, but he ended up choosing me.  'Till this day he says it was my eyes, but I think there is more he is leaving out as you know men, they don't like to show their emotional side too much. But we have a whole life time to continue to learn about each other.

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