22 November 2013

Finally Reunited

On November 19, I turned 19 years old.  As happy as my day was, an unfortunate event happened… Our long time family friend passed away.  It was hard to hear this news as my uncle (that's what I call him) has been apart of my sister and I's life ever since the age of 6.  I'm 19 now, that 13 years our families have been inseparable.

The viewing was last night, which was why I was unable to blog something then, and the service is later today.  As sad as it was, the family was unable to contact old friends that grew up with us as well. So my sister and I decided to pull out our contacts and try to contact our karate family.

Yes, I took karate don't be surprised.  My sister and I started at the age of 6 and we were able to attain our junior black belt.  So that was a huge accomplishment for us, and the friends we made was a bonus.

And last night, for the first time in years, we were all together in one room - and wow it was an amazing feeling.  You know how strong our friendship is when we all talked as if we just saw each other yesterday.  It wasn't awkward at all, it was just emotional because it felt like old times.  Being in that room with those group of people reminded me of my life at karate, and how much I miss doing it with them.

As unfortunate as the circumstances was, I think it sad that it takes a death in our family in order to get all of us to be together.  As happy as we all were, we decided to do a skating party with all of us just like old times.

Towards the end of the viewing, some of us started getting emotional because who knows when the next time is when we will all be together again… lol I'm thinking either Manan's or Joa's wedding (hopefully)! So my sensei wanted all of us to take a photo together to remember this moment, because like I said, it's been years since we have all been in the same room.
Standing up (left to right): Manan, Cody, Linda, Vanessa (ME), Kenneth, Shirley (my mom), Senpei Leigh, Billy, Sensei Ken, Kendra, Amanda, Lauren, Sensei Kim, Joe
Kneeling (left to right): Ashley, Daniel, Tony, Michael

Just looking at this photo makes me smile… I grew up with all of them ever since I was six years old.  We are missing other people, but hopefully we can all meet up for the skating party and really have the whole team there.  I love them all as they all made a huge impact on my life.  Thank you so much for guys!

R.I.P Bernie Sena Cabalse. 

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