05 November 2013

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I Wanna Know - Joe

This is actually an older song that the boyfriend randomly sang to me a few weeks ago.  I remember listening to it on youtube, and I immediately downloaded it onto my itunes because I just loved it.

This is the type of music I am a fan of - old R&B love songs.  Not that I am old (I am still only 18), but I think the R&B songs that I grew up with are excellent examples of an artists' true expression of feelings.

This song is just so beautiful and sends a message to girls that you do deserve a guy who is very much kind hearted and full of care.  It sends a message that these types of guys still exist and we shouldn't drop our standard to men we do not deserve.

Everything Joe is singing, is exactly what every girl wants to hear. Unfortunately we don't because we give up too easily when "finding the right guy".  Trust me I've been through this as well.  I hate to admit it, but when searching for the right guy, sometimes us women are TOO desperate and just give our all to the next guy that gives us our attention.

We are more than that.  We shouldn't have to wear revealing clothing to get a man's attention, and we definitely do not need to "drop it low" and "twerk" in our booty shorts to win a man's heart.  Trust me, you won his interest, but that's TEMPORARY.

Whether you a man or a woman, we all deserve someone who will be permanent in our lives, and someone who is very much committed 100%.  There is no need for us to stoop so low just because we are desperate to have someone in our lives.

Be patient and the right one will come, and I can guarantee you, it will be all worth it.

That's what I did, and wow is does he make me feel so special.  (almost 3 years!!! <3 br="" enjoyed="" hope="" song.="" this="" you="">

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