30 November 2013

Abs and Squat Challenge!

Tomorrow is the first day of  December, and all I am thinking about is how excited I am for the winter break! If you're like me, you're probably just excited to be with friends and family, receive and give a lot of gifts, and just eat all the food family will prepare! This is the best part of the year!

But, if you know me… I am very conscious about my body, especially when it comes to my weight! Before entering university, people would tell me that usually anyone can gain up to 20 pounds because of the stress and irregular sleeping patterns the uni life entails.  Its crazy, and I was definitely not going to allow this for my body.

So when it came to my first year… I ended up going to the gym towards the end of the year, but I went everyday in the summer.  So my goal to maintain my weight throughout the year was a little successful, but my workout schedule started to die down as summer began and the new school started…

Now that it is the Christmas break, and I will mostly be home studying for exams and just keep warm from the cold outside.  I decided that I will continue to cut down on the fatty foods, and attempt to eat healthier instead of constantly going out to dinner with Jay (sorry babe!)

In addition to that, I will be participating in the ab and squat challenge that I found on www.30dayfitnesschallenges.com.  If you would like to join me, let me know if you're keep up with this! I know it will be hard since its December, but I have to start somewhere right!

Good Luck!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

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