10 November 2013

A Time Where I Felt Unstoppable

Sorry for blogging so late today... I've been writing this essay ALL day that was due at 10pm.  I'm done that now, phew.  But NTS: I really got to stop putting things all the last minute...

Day 10: A day where you felt unstoppable; hosted by a happy girl.

This is a load question and I honestly don't know where to begin.  I guess we can turn back time to one year ago when I was promoted to my current rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class.  It is the highest rank a cadet can attain, and I can honestly say that I deserved this rank.  

I didn't have my parents join in any part of the squadron, and I didn't use any bribery towards any officers.  I showed dedication and commitment through my participation in the drill team, biathlon team, range team, orienteering team, sports team.  I've been a part of the Flag Party, being Flag Party Commander for almost 3 years, and I have attended Introduction to Leadership Course, Introduction to Survival Course and Survival Instructors Course.  

I've done for not only myself, but for the benefit of the squadron by participating in multiple Legion events, allowing me graciously to receive the Cadet Legion Medal of Excellence.  

My ultimate goal back when I first joined was to become Warrant Officer 1st Class and follow in the footsteps of my inspirations.  I hope I did an amazing job, and the day they announced my name to come up and receive my promotion, I felt like I was unstoppable because I did this on my own; and I deserved this.  

Pictures are worth a thousands words, so please enjoy a few pictures that were taken the day I became:

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Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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