16 October 2013

What If..

Everything happens for a reason - thats something I believe in.  It is just so crazy if you really think about it.  One little little thing you do can affect some, if not all, aspects of your life.  It is something I actually think about from time to time.  What if you never met the most important person in your life?  Where would you?  Do you think you would still behave the same way you do?

Similarly, on my way home tonight, I was contemplating whether or not to take the highway home, or just the local way.  Upon approaching the rank of the highway, I kept doubting my decision.  In the end, I decided to take the highway, and it was just a quick decision that I somewhat regretted at first.  But when I realized how early I got home, I was glad I took the highway.  But at the same time, what if I took local way home? Would I be just as glad? Would my parents react the same to me coming home somewhat late on a school night?

These are the things I usually think about, how one little decision can affect your future.  Whether it is a decision you made just a few years ago, or even days ago, it is what got you where you are today.

Now think about the time you met that one important person in your life.  Where would you be if you have never met him/her.  Who would you be.. a totally different person? These are some of the questions I ask myself what if I never attended that 700 and 707 Meet-and-Greet... or what happened if he never attended that meet-and-greet.

It is weird though, we didn't actually start talking at that meet-and-greet, it was more we were introduced to each other and that was it.  But I do have to admit, seeing that smile, damn what a smile. That was what captured me, and in that moment I went to my sister and I was like, "It's him." She didn't understand and actually thought I sounded like a cliche, but that instant connection our eyes had, I just knew I wanted him so badly.

During 700s annual, I went and had a very short, but unique conversation with him.  He was on the Flag Party, and I remember giving him his flag and he said "thanks".  Lol, ahaha it actually meant a lot more to me than you would ever think.

We unfortunately didn't talk much to each other during that summer, but we saw each other here and there at summer camp.  There was a story I remember hearing, that when he saw me dancing with some French guy, he got upset and left... but I guess that only for him to know.

In September, our squadron's merged officially, and there he was. One of the weekends was tagging weekend, where we had to stand at stores collecting donations.  I remember that Saturday perfectly, I did not want to tag at all, but I decided to go.  In the little area I was at, across the other side of the plaze, there he was with his best friend.

They came over to chill with my partner and I, and this was where we had our first real conversations - with no one else, just us talking. He actually found out that I was 16, and he was surprised because apparently people told him I was 18, which is why he never pursued anything. . .

After that, he pretty much showed up everywhere at cadets where I was at.  One of them were on Tuesdays, where I had ground school.  On one of those Tuesday nights, he saw me had a mini argument with someone else, and I guess he thought that random person and I broke up (which was not the case at all....) but after that day, his moves became stronger.

LOL, I could go on and on about the days before he and I became official.  But the point is, what if he never came to those Tuesday nights.  He would have never saw this argument between myself and the random guy, and he would have never thought that I was single, and he would have never pursued anything with me.

If I never went to that meet-and-greet dance, the most important person in my life would not be here right now.  The most important person of my life would have not saved my life.... In all honestly, I wouldn't be here writing this blog if it weren't for you.

... the truth is, I didn't expect to get this attached to you.


  1. Read it, and I love it, Im still so wrong and in the age where Im suppose to grow up, but I guess I understand. I love it when you said, LOL, because I can imagine you like my friend she fell in love and just wouldn't stop talking about him. My favorite part, was the last part, " ... the truth is , I didn't expect to get this attached to you " . Ahh, Love it! ♥

    1. awh thank you very much! I'm glad someone enjoyed it :) <3