12 October 2013

The Exotic New Addition

I want everyone to meet the new addition to our family, Leonardo (green) and Cleopatra (pink).  If you were wondering what kind of frogs they are, they are in fact African Clawd Frogs.

It was a fairly hard decision to make with the bf, but we decided it was time to take the next step in our relationship and have a pet together. We didn't go with the traditional route of having a little puppy, as that would be hard since we don't live with each other, so we decided on fish.

At the fish store, we saw a variety of fishes - big, small, long, rainbow, gold, black, everything. It was just amazing.

As we started selecting which fishes we wanted to start off with, we came across a fish tank and saw small little frogs, and we instantly fell in love. At that moment we knew that we had to get the frogs.

When we were at the cash register, our total came up to almost $50, and we were confused as to what we bought - 4 fishes, and 2 frogs, and a new fish tank.

On our way home, they were separated in separate fish baggies, and put them in the tank with the seat belt on.

I kept joking around say, after 3 week, we have 6 new babies.

I'll keep updating you all about our African Clawd Frogs. 

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