14 October 2013

Thankful for You.

Waking up this morning got me thinking, "Thank you God for allowing me to wake up to another day."  Most people, whether they admit it or not, don't appreciate the lives they have.  We all just wake up and perform our daily routines, complain about things here and there, come home and complain some more, then go to bed...

However, as I began to realize that I too am guilty of not appreciating my life, I began to live my life differently. I began to see things differently, talk about things in a more positive light... and it just made me happier overall.  The moment you take a step away from your daily routines, you begin to appreciate the beauty of life.

Since today is Thanksgiving in Canada, I laid in bed reflecting upon everything that happened this year.  I was trying to find that one thing I am most thankful for, and it got me thinking back to the incident that occurred just a few weeks ago.   

I feel like all the thanks I expressed in my prayers didn't seem enough.  You do not know how thankful I am that he is well and okay.  You may recall reading my post call, "My Realization", where I wrote about the care accident JJ was involved in.

After 2 years of hard work, a careless driver just came in and totalled the back of his car completely.  I remember how this went down exactly.  Sitting at the red light, and all of a sudden BOOM.  You could not believe how fast I came out of my car to see if he was okay or not.  Approaching him, I saw the sadness and anger in his eyes.  The first thing he said was "All my hard work gone."

It was such a shame, he finally got his car on the road, and this happens.  As he was in panic calling his brother, my adrenaline began to drop as I just realized that he had previous back problems.  Seeing that bad of an impact on the back of the car got me worried of what may have happened to his back.  I quickly asked him if he was alright, but he was still pumped up on adrenaline of someone hitting his car.

Calling the ambulance was one of the scarriest things I had to do this year.  I didn't know the severity of his injury, and I was too afraid to see what would happen.  But seeing the paramedic guys put him on a stretcher, you do not know how badly I wanted to cry.  No one should ever see someone they love in a situation like that.  It was just so hurtful. 

But seeing him being pulled inside the ambulance, I saw his eyes watery... I knew I had to be the strong one at that point.  I didn't cry... I just stood by his side for the next 5 hours until he got his x-ray results.... I stayed with him because I was just so worried that I was going to lose him in one way or another.

The point of this entire story, is that you do not know how THANKFUL I am for him being okay and alright.  He may not realize this, but I constantly think about it... what if something else happened... what if I stopped to early, would be have hit me, and that car his hit? I'm not saying I'm thank that it was him... I'm saying I am just thankful that he is alright and not gone...

Anything could have happened, it was out of our control.  But what was in my control was my emotions and feelings.  Driving to the hospital, I prayed the entire rosary, just asking God to bring him back to me alright.  No one will ever understand the relief and thankfulness I have towards God keeping my baby safe.

No matter how many times I say it, I am still always thankful.  And regardless of the stupid fight we endure here and there, that moment just made me appreciate him so much more. NO one could ever replace his love.

So regardless if today is thanksgiving or not, we should always be giving thanks.  We shouldn't need a national holiday telling us when to giving thanks to God for all our blessings.

Everyday should be a day of giving thanks to God, he has done a lot for us - put us through challenges, and even provided us with an abundant of blessings.  What people don't seem to realize, is that people take everything for granted.  Whether it would be your parents, lover, boyfriend/girlfriend or friends, we all seem to be guilty of not appreciating everything and everyone in our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

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