24 October 2013


Beauty is hidden among everything and in everyone.  Whether it is through nature, people or even your own life, we tend to bypass the good that comes with everything and everyone.  What I recently realized, is that taking things for granted can ultimately lead to a lot of regret.

Whether I'm talking about my relationship or not, it doesn't matter.  In life, we've all experienced frustration or anger towards people or other things.  And sometimes we cannot help it  but take our anger out on others.  We know its wrong, but like I said, we cannot help it, and it just happens.

I know there are others out there who may feel and experience the same things as I am describing today.  Whether that may be that feeling like you're slowly being forgotten or just that things are being to  fall apart because you may think he/she no longer has feelings towards you, or even just upset about a test you studied so hard for and still received a bad mark.

I don't know about you, but I know I sometimes forget to appreciate the people and the things I have in my life.  I just take things for granted because it is constantly available to me.  But, that shouldn't be a reason why we begin to take granted of our own lives as well.

It is ashamed that people don't often take the time to relax from their daily lives and just look at the beauty that is within everything.  Because Canada has been so cold lately, I have yet to realize the beautiful colours of the leaves that I am constantly surrounded by.  In a fast attempt to walk to the building where my class is being held, I noticed a tree alone, and wow were the colours so beautiful.  And in that moment of time, I realized that because I am so caught up in my daily routine, I forget to look around and see what is available to me.

Just like in relationships, especially the ongoing long-term committed ones, couples tend to forget how to appreciate their significant others.  They tend to forget that sometimes acting romantic is a must in order the spark things up.

Being in a relationship of almost 3 years now, we are currently experiencing that. I'm not going to pretend that our relationship is perfect, because it is not.  No point of lying when everyone goes through problems.  But just recently I had an issue of just feeling alone and forgotten.  I guess we've been together for a really long time that he began to forget how important it was to me for him to express his feelings once in a while.

I know men aren't always the emotional type, so sometimes it is hard for them to express how they feel whenever they need to.  But what men need to realize that the way he expresses his feelings sends a signal to the girl of his current feelings.  Whether she interrupts them correctly or not, its up to the both of you to decide how to work things so that there is a balance of what both people want.

But, when it comes to forgetting in general, not just in relationship, I think that the most common thing that people forget is just the appreciation.  People do not take time to say thank you as often as we all should.  We just take what we can get and move on with it - and that's it.

Here is a common thing most teenagers can relate to - our parents.  Teenagers do not appreciate their parents as much as they should... and it's unfortunate because they don't realize it until it is too late, too late to the point where they are no longer able to tell their parents how much their appreciate them.

Our parents love us so much, and sometimes us teenagers and even pre-adults are too preoccupied to even realize how much they are trying to help us.  Whether they show that they care or not, it doesn't matter, we need to appreciate them more because one day you might regret the way you treated your parents.

The same goes for relationships.  You are in this committed relationship for a reason, because you care and love each other.  What is the point of constantly hurting one another with lies, and stress? Take the time to sit down with one another and just chill.

I can promise you, just by simply sitting down and just talking to one another, you'll begin to learn new things about each other. Keep holding and stay strong with the one you love.  It doesn't matter how well you may think you know your significant other, it matters of the way you treat and act towards them.

Anything can happen at anytime of the day, and you don't want to live with yourself and all the regrets you have. 

Most importantly, it is important never give up. Don't give up on each other, and don't give up on yourself. Things will begin to fall apart from there and losing him/her will just be that much more hurtful.

Trust me when I say that you do not want to miss out on the beauty and good that life is presenting us everyday.  Whether it is in the form of people or just nature, we need to take time to relax from our daily stresses and just take time to appreciate everything life has in store for us.

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