19 September 2013

Strength and Weakness

Someone anonymously messaged me today asking,  "How can a person give you so much strength yet still be your only weakness?"

Love is such a complicated thing to experience, let alone explain to people out there in the world who don't believe in love.  I can sit here all day just writing nonsense just to try and explain to you what I think love is or is not... but I won't do that as the word alone, stresses me out enough.

But one thing I think most people can agree on, is that love can be shown through a person whom is your support system - someone willing to be there for you every step of the way, no matter the battle.

This person gives you this attention, that allows you blossom into someone you never thought you could be - a better person.  This person will allow you to express your confidence in the best way possible, making you feel better about yourself.

I may not know what love is, but I know that the love of your life, can make you into a better human being, not only for him/her, but for yourself.

So where does the weakness come into play?  Well like in one of my last post, "for JJ", I mentioned how when we are in love, we would do anything for that person.  Moreover, from a personal standpoint, I will go all the way to do anything in my power to ensure you're happy, safe and cared for.

In a way, this becomes a weakness.  Why?  Even if you two have a huge fight, or a break up occurs... we will always still care.  No matter how badly we feel hurt, or how deep our heart sinks into our chest, it is insane on how far we will still go just to make sure you are happy.

I, of course, am speaking from a women's perspective... we easily get hurt because unfortunately, we love, trust and accept sometimes too easily.  We are so caught up in finding "the right one", we forget about taking care of ourselves, and although a person can provide so much strength in finding who we are... at the same time, this person is a weakness as nothing will stop us from loving you and caring for you.... no matter how badly we are hurt or no matter how in love you are.

So going back to the question that was asked of me earlier  "How can a person give you so much strength yet still be your only weakness?"

... because he has my heart.

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